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Four Innovative Ways to Use a GoPro

The California-based company GoPro earned close to $1 billion in revenue in 2013 alone, according to Inc. Meanwhile, YouTube’s Brand Channel Leaderboard ranked GoPro as the most popular camera brand. This wearable, lightweight and durable camera has been used for everything from strapping underneath a skateboard for a unique view of cruising through New York City to skydiving from 15,000 feet. Get a look at some of the wildest and most innovative ways GoPro has been used to date.

Toy Robot in Space

James Trosh didn’t want to just produce any music video with a green screen of space. Instead, the ambitious film student launched a toy robot into the atmosphere attached to a makeshift rocket ship. A GoPro HD Camera and GPS system were set up on a papier-mache spaceship that was then hooked onto a weather balloon. The flight ascended 92,000 feet from Earth for nearly two and a half hours before returning. Trosh got some amazing shots of the earth below and nailed his film project.

Camera Flight is for the Birds

What happens when you attach a GoPro to an eagle? A YouTube user named Srachi strapped on the camera to an eagle and let it loose over the hillsides in eastern France for spectacular views below.
In South Africa, a couple used the camera to bring attention to the Cape Griffon vulture, the largest of its kind in Africa. The camera is used to show how these injured birds are rescued and released before taking flight with a GoPro in tow. Viewers watch as their enormous feathers rustle in the wind during a peaceful flight. Not only does it make for awe-inspiring viewing, but it also brings attention to the plight of these highly endangered creatures.

Hollywood Goes GoPro

No longer just for ambitious and creative YouTube users looking for a relatively inexpensive way to capture action shots, GoPro has gone Hollywood in films like Captain Phillips. During skydiving shots over the mountains, a GoPro was mounted to the helmets of stunt men and women to capture coveted POV shots.
Disney Research Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University have also taken notice of GoPro. The two teamed up to work on Structure from Motion techniques, requiring actors to wear over two dozen GoPro cameras. The end result was successful and the researchers captured all of the movement needed to help draw and animate action-packed movie scenes.

GoPro Delivers

Dad-to-be Troy Dickerson strapped on a GoPro camera to film his wife in labor. He captured all the tense moments like driving nearly 100 miles per hour to make it to the hospital in time. They just barely make it before his wife falls into a waiting wheelchair and exclaims she can feel the baby’s head coming out. Dickerson ends up catching his new son before they ever get inside. Luckily the new baby was happy and healthy and more than ready to enter the world. He’ll have some fantastic footage to show off one day.

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