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Adobe Releases Photoshop CS6 With Video Editor

Now You Can Edit Video the Photoshop Way


Late last night – Adobe announced the release of Photoshop CS6.  According to an article at The Verge, reactions are favorable.  

Adobe has been dropping preview links to its upcoming version of Photoshop CS6 for months now, even hyping it up with a Rainn Wilson cameo at MAX 2011. Photoshop CS6 marks one of the app’s most drastic visual changes, with a darker visual redesign and streamlined toolbars, and it has all sorts of changes to cursors, filters, video editing, and more in tow. We got some quick hands on time with the app, so read on for our take on Adobe’s next-gen installation of Photoshop.

Photoshop CS6 greets you with a fully redesigned UI that’s much darker for purportedly a “more immersive experience.” (Fortunately, you can revert to the old light gray color theme by going to Preferences / Interface.) If you look closer, all the old favorites from the pen tool to layers panel are still here, but they’ve been shuffled around a bit and cleaned up. While you can break windows out like in CS5, tabs still rule your window management experience. It works great for browsing the web, but Photoshop’s insistence on tabs by default is often frustrating when you’re opening several files that you want to see at the same time. For new users, the Photoshop learning curve is still pretty high, but pro users should be able to get situated pretty quickly.

One notable improvement is the new draggable section embedded into toolbars. Photoshop’s window management and toolbar management has never been its strong suit, and we’ve lost track of more toolbars than we can count in older versions of the app. The only fix used to be a hard rearrangement the entire workspace, but now each toolbar has a textured line for easy movements (see the top of the primary tools section to the right). Similarly, snapping toolbars to the side of the main Photoshop window is clearer than before, because the side of the window glows blue to indicate it’s ready to snap.


Edit Video In Photoshop:

For those still shooters moving into video, one of the key features you’ll find exciting is a built in editor.  Here’s more from the Verge:

CS6 includes a basic video editor that will come in handy for photographers who don’t want to drop a few hundred dollars on a video editing suite. The key here is that once you drop in a video, you can tool around with it using the Photoshop tools and shortcuts you’re accustomed to. Color and exposure adjustments, as well as layers, work just how you’d expect them to (the left image above is adjusted video, the right shows raw footage) — which is a good thing. If you’d like, you can add borders, textures, filters, and even audio tracks to your video. Once you’re finished editing, you’re presented with just a handful exporting options. It’s no Premier, Final Cut, or even iMovie, but Photoshop aficionados will feel right at home inside the new video editor.


Read the entire article at The Verge: