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Adobe Releases Sneak Peeks From Adobe MAX

Despite the recent upset in Adobe Premiere due to incompatibility with MAC’s El Capitan OS release, the show must go on. With that in mind Adobe has released the list of sneak peeks from their Adobe MAX conference.
Taking pictures of landmarks and sites can be difficult, the more popular the location the more likely it is that people, vehicles, and other objects will get in the way obstructing your view. “Monument Mode” uses a new algorithm to distinguish moving objects from fixed ones, one-click and those obstructions are gone for good. If this tech preview comes to fruition, your tourist images will be beautifully without any other tourists.

Inspiration can strike anywhere, and fortunately we’re all armed with devices that can capture those moments of inspiration when they occur. But captured images can fail to reflect inspiring perspective, until now…
Can’t find the perfect font for your project? Then maybe you will just create it! “Project Faces” is a whole new way to think about tweaking, adapting, and creating fonts that perfectly reflect your message.
This is but three of the projects that have a chance of being made into reality in the coming year, with the others listed at Many of these projects go on to be full fledged programs or features within existing Adobe apps, such as the Dehaze feature in Lightroom.
There has yet to be any further notice as to when we can expect a fix for the recent issues plaguing Adobe Premiere, which range from graphical glitches to full blown program crashes.

Written by Jake Fruia

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