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AJA Slashes CION Price Tag In Half

Good news if you’ve been wanting to buy an AJA CION, bad news if you own one and were considering selling…

AJA announced today a new “Summer of Savings” program. From now until the end of summer, the price for CION is now $4995 US MSRP, which reflects a $4000 price reduction.
To help soften the blow for those who purchased their CION before today, AJA will offer two AJA Pak 512 SSDs for free, directly from AJA (valued at $2495 MSRP). Remember, you’ll need those AJA SSDs as they are the only SSDs compatible with the CION.
This price drop comes on the heals of the #TryCion program announced at NAB 2015. a new promotion seeding 100 CION cameras with qualified shooters. Currently only available in North America, this program provides filmmakers, cinematographers and camera operators with easy access to CION to see and experience the camera first hand in production.

Ki Pro Products Also Reduced

Ki Pro Quad is now $2995 US MSRP, Ki Pro Mini is $1495 US MSRP, Ki Pro is $2495 US MSRP, and Ki Pro ND is $2295 US MSRP. AJA customers who purchased the CION production camera before May 26, 2015 will receive two AJA Pak 512 SSDs for free, directly from AJA (valued at $2495 MSRP).
AJA’s “Summer of Savings” begins today through the end of summer 2015. Current CION owners can submit their request for the free Pak media drives to . For more information about AJA products please visit

Written by Clint Milby

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