April 8th: Producing the Ultra Low Budget Feature Profitably and Fast

Held by Nancy Fulton Meetups, this full day workshop will take you from finding a screenplay to distribution for low budget features.
The workshop takes place on Saturday April 8th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in Santa Monica, California at the Promenade Playhouse (1404 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica, CA 90401). You can sign up for this one of a kind workshop at
From Nancy Fulton Meetups:
Producing an ultra low budget feature film is a great way to break into making movies, and you can do it profitably and fast if you know how to correctly develop, shoot, and sell your project.
This one day workshop will cover Developing, Packaging, Casting, Funding, Producing and Distributing an ultra low budget feature film. You will learn:

  • How to write or buy a good screenplay that you can produce within your budget.
  • How to swiftly, accurately and usefully storyboard your project so you can significantly reduce your production costs through stock footage, “found footage,” and other techniques.
  • How to cast your project with talented actors and actresses at prices you can afford and on terms you can live with while not breaking the law.
  • How to budget your project’s shoot days using breakdown sheets and day-out-of-day schedules.
  • How to find local, high value, locations you can shoot at cheaply.
  • Acquiring a skilled camera and lighting crew on terms you can afford.
  • Setting up your production company, acquiring production, liability, and other insurance at rates you can afford.
  • Insuring you own the rights to the film you shoot so you can sell it to others.
  • How to guarantee release for your film on Amazon and possibly Hulu, Netflix, cable pay per view, etc.
  • How to market your film swiftly and profitably to the people who want it most.
  • How to fund your project through credit, loans, investKent and crowdfunding.
  • How to work with investors and how that changes your costs.
  • What to do with extra money if you happen to have it.

You will receive written documentation which reviews and supports all steps and a list of 50+ individuals and companies you can work with to develop, package, cast, fund, produce, and distribute your project.
You’ll also receive a list of sample films to watch which illustrate the some of the techniques discussed, and the opportunity to network with others interested in producing ultra low budget features.
These steps will work for projects ranging in value from $5K to $100K

Written by Jake Fruia

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