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Band Pro One World Open House Tomorrow, 1-8pm In Burbank, CA

Band Pro One World Open House Tomorrow, 1-8pm In Burbank, CA

As we’ve talked about several times previously, Band Pro’s annual One World Open House is tomorrow, December 10th from 1-8pm. While be bringing you coverage of the event here on HDSLR Shooter, there’s still time to register and attend yourself.


The annual Band Pro Open House is a great event that brings together many top manufacturers from the pro video industry. Band Pro’s Open House is where we review what manufacturers have done in the past year, and even a bit of what they have in store for the coming year. It’s a smaller setting as well, giving you a chance to get up close and personal with each company in attendance.

In addition to fine company, the event also has free food and drink, and is free to attend itself. Finally, Band Pro will be making an announcement at 5pm about a secret new project in collaboration with IB/E that you won’t want to miss. This annual event is one that’s the highlight of our year, and we encourage all who have a chance to attend do so.

Lastly, we’ll be using Periscope to capture some of our time there live, so be sure to follow us there at @HDSLRShooter to get some live coverage.

To sign up for the event, head over to

Exhibitors set to attend: