Band Pro Open House 2019: Panasonic, A Year In Review

2019 has been a banner year for Panasonic, with new cameras and updates to popular existing products. Panasonic’s Laurence Nunn joined us at Band Pro’s One World Open House, where he talked about Varicam, Cine Live, EVA1, the S1H and more.

Panasonic VariCam

VariCam LT

A super 35mm sensor — with a one-piece, shorter-bodied design. Weighing just under six pounds (body-only), VariCam LT is ideal for handheld, Steadicam, jib, crane, gimbal and drone shooting applications, as well as all types of cinéma vérité filmmaking. The VariCam LT offers a host of new features including an EF lens mount, hot swappable batteries, IR shooting capability, a 23.98 PsF output, cinema-style file naming, and scene files.

VariCam 35

Utilizes Panasonic Super 35mm MOS sensor for 4K image capture. VariCam 35’s new sensor captures 14+ stops of latitude, capturing high-contrast and wide dynamic range. The camera offers a broad range of codecs and formats, including Panasonic’s AVC-ULTRA family of advanced codecs, Apple ProRes, and 3.5-Mbps proxy recordings. VariCam 35 incorporates a modular design whereby the 4K camera head is separate from but dockable to the common, shared recording module (AU-VREC1G). This allows users to switch between Super 35mm and VariCam HS ⅔” camera heads to best suit their creative needs.

VariCam LT

VariCam HS

Capture up to 240-fps in 1080p. VariCam HS is designed for demanding ENG, documentary, or sports applications. Utilizing three newly-developed, 1920 x 1080 MOS imagers, VariCam HS offers numerous codecs, including Panasonic’s AVC-ULTRA family of codecs and Apple ProRes. VariCam HS system includes the AU-V23HS1G 2/3” type HD camera head, the AU-VREC1G recording module, AU-VCVF1G OLED viewfinder, and the AU-VSHL1G shoulder pad/tripod mount.

VariCam Pure

4K Raw-only capture – designed for high-end productions. Powered by Codex, VariCam Pure contains the existing VariCam 35 camera head but with the new Codex VRAW 2.0 recorder, creating a RAW only solution in a lighter and more compact body (approximately 11-lbs.). With Codex Virtual File system, users can transcode additional file formats, including Panasonic V-RAW, Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHR.


Panasonic’s CineLive fot VariCam LT sets the cinema camera up for live and near-live multi-cam use for events, concerts, television shows and corporate productions.VariCam LT CineLive advantages include:

  • Create cinematic depth of field with VariCam’s award-winning Super 35mm sensor
  • Take advantage of the VariCam’s HDR-ready 14+ stops of dynamic range
  • VariCam exceptional image quality and color science
  • Capture low light shots using VariCam’s Dual Native 800/5,000 ISO feature
  • The 5,000 ISO function can compensate stop loss when using optical adaptors for 2/3″ lenses or slower long zooms
Panasonic EVA1

EVA1 Cinema Camera

Compact and lightweight, the AU-EVA1 is tailor-made for handheld shooting, but also well suited for documentaries, events, commercials, and music videos. The newly-designed  5.7K Super 35mm sized sensor can capture up to 14-stops of latitude and features Dual Native ISOs of 800 and 2,500, which will allow cinematographers to shoot in almost any lighting environment.


  • Weighing only 2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg / body) with a compact form factor (6.69” x 5.31” x 5.23”) and a removable handgrip
  • With an active resolution of 5720 x 3016, the EVA1 delivers more than 17.25 million photosites, nearly double the 8.8 million for 4K DCI (4096 x 2160)
  • Records to readily-available, lower-cost SD cards in several formats and compression rates, and offers up to 10-bit 4:2:2, even at 4K resolution
  • Contains V-Log/V-Gamut capture to deliver high dynamic range and the colorimetry of the VariCam line. V-Log has log curve characteristics similar to negative film and V-Gamut delivers a color space even larger than film.
  • NEW! Firmware upgrade Ver. 3.0 includes HEVC H.265 codec, IP live control & quick switch feature
Panasonic Lumix S1H

Lumix S1H

Key Features

  • Newly Designed Full-frame Sensor with Dual Native ISO Technology
  • Wide Range of Recording Formats to Support Every Type of Shoot
  • 4:2:2 10-bit Internal Recording / HDMI Output
  • V-Log/V-Gamut with 14+ Stops of Dynamic Range
  • 4K HDR Video
  • Anamorphic Recording
  • VFR (Variable Frame Rate)
  • 5-axis Dual I.S. 2 Stability
  • Much, much more

Featuring a full-frame 24.2MP CMOS sensor, along with an updated Venus Engine, the S1H’s imaging capabilities have been optimized for high sensitivity, a wide 14-stop dynamic range, and flexible recording modes. The sensor and processor incorporate Multipixel Luminance Generation and Intelligent Detail Processing technologies, which help to produce high resolution and definition by suppressing color moiré, and Color Control further enhances color reproduction, especially in the highlights and shadows. The Venus Engine’s processing power also helps to suppress noise levels throughout the sensitivity range, from ISO 100-51200, and yield fast full-resolution continuous shooting speeds up to 9 fps with AF-S or 6 fps with AF-C, for more than 60 consecutive raw files.
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Written by Jake Fruia

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