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Band Pro Open House: DRACAST

One of the best things about attending the BandPro event, besides the fact they had R2 units on hand, was mixing it up and learning about some new products that I’ve previously overlooked. Because BandPro is known mostly as a full service solution serving high end productions, you might think that everything there would be crazy expensive.

Lights, Cameras & R2 units at the BandPro Open House
Lights, Cameras & R2 units at the BandPro Open House

However, DRACAST’s presence at the open house dispelled that myth. If you’re not familiar, DRACAST is a manufacturer of cost effective, LED lighting solutions for video production. In this video, DRACAST’s marketing manager, John Armendariz, talks about just some of their products which range from camera top lights to 1×1 studio lights.
Here’s more from the DRACAST website:
Dracast LED Lights have the highest Color Rendering Index (CRI) in the industry. The higher the CRI, the better the quality your pictures will be. Dracast High CRI LED Lights guarantee consistent color temperature and industry-leading brightness. Dracast LED Lights are built with patent-pending energy and heat distribution technologies for increased lifespan. Every Dracast High CRI LED light is designed and manufactured in house to make sure you are getting only the best quality light.  Thousands of professional and semi-pro videographers and photographers use Dracast High CRI LED Lights in their productions. Dracast lights have been used for various interview and location shooting, as well as in major sitcom productions and newsroom studios.

If you’d like to find out more about DRACAST, go to their website at

You can also find out more about these products at

Written by Clint Milby

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