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Band Pro Open House: Marshall Electronics New 4K Monitor, Mini Cameras, & More

While at the Band Pro Open House we stopped to talk with Marshall Electronics’ Bernie Keach on their new full 4K resolution V-4K-3110, Orchid series of monitors, and more.

The V-4K-3110 has four 3G SDI inputs that combine to provide a seamless 4K signal. The monitor also features downloadable and programmable LUTs. The V-4K-3110 is not currently on the market, and Marshall is showing it at various shows to get feedback on the next generation of the monitor.
Bernie also showed us one of Marshall’s Quad-Viewing monitors that takes a 4K signal and “scales it down to the native resolution of the panel”, as well as one of their Orchid line monitors that are feature packed and made for field use.
Lastly, we talked about the rising stars that are Marshall’s line of mini cameras, with them being used on the Ellen Show’s green room, NBA hoops and even being launched into space on the nose of a rocket.
For more information on all of these products and more, check out our interview above, as well as visit

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