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Band Pro Open House: Zeiss' Loxia Lenses & The Sony A7II

Each year at the Band Pro Open House we make sure to talk with Richard Schleuning of Carl Zeiss to see how they’re wrapping up the year. This time around, the talk was all about Zeiss’ Loxia lenses, as they were made to work specifically with the new Sony A7II.

The Loxia lens family was created to specifically match the A7 series’ video capabilities, as there are many Zeiss photo lenses available. As Schleuning states, Zeiss wanted to provide a lens solution for these cameras that met the needs of “run and gun” shooters. This means a “small, lightweight, affordable type of lens”. This perfect match also helps keep the image free of any abberations in image quality, color, etc., and the Loxia are tailored specifically to the specific Sony sensor. The Loxia series is manual focus with hard stops, and has aperture control on the lens itself. This can be de-clicked to provide a continuous iris. Also, despite being manual, the Loxia lenses still communicate directly with the camera as well.
The Loxia 2/50 is shipping now, with the 2/35 shipping sometime this week. The 2/50 is priced at about $950, and the 2/35 $1,300.
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