Band Pro presents: Free 4K Short Films Screening at Cine Gear 2018

BURBANK, CA – On Friday 6/1 Band Pro will present a free screening and Q&A at the Paramount Theater as part of Cine Gear 2018. Filmmakers Gary Adcock and Randy Wedick will screen their latest short films in 4K projection, and give an interactive Q&A discussing the tools and techniques used to create these films.

Band Pro presents
Free 4K Screening and Q&A
Friday 6/1 at 12:15PM
Paramount Theater – Cine Gear
5515 Melrose Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90038
RSVP online at:

This event is free to attend with your RSVP. However, space is limited. Early arrival at Paramount Theater is recommended. Randy Wedick, Band Pro’s Senior Technical Advisor, noted: “Get a deep look at the imaging potential from the new Sony VENICE. See images captured in 6K and displayed in beautiful 4K on calibrated projectors.”

DIALOGUE – Gary Adcock
On a recent project for Asus Computers, we got a chance to shoot at Dialogue, the amazing fine dining restaurant in Santa Monica that is quietly redefining fine dining in Los Angeles. Here the tiny kitchen has a mere 18 seats and lies hidden behind an unassuming door upstairs in the 3rd Street Promenade. Crafted by an All-Star team led by acclaimed Chef Dave Beran, the evolutionary menu at Dialogue is coursed out as a conversational progression between the kitchen and the diner. Shot as Sony VENICE first came to market, we focused on showing everything close up, utilizing VENICE’s Full Frame format for our macro lensing emphasizing the micro nature of the subject matter.

TOKYO DANCE – Randy Wedick
TOKYO DANCE follows modern dancer Katie Malia through a wide variety of locations throughout Tokyo and the surrounding regions, showcasing the ability of the camera to capture true color, beautiful skin tones, and extremely wide dynamic range. Imaged with Sony VENICE in the 6K Full Frame sensor size, and shot on Leica Thalia prime lenses and Angenieux EZ zooms, it is a true look at the capabilities of the camera in nearly any scenario.

About the Filmmakers

Gary Adcock

Gary Adcock is a technology-driven synergist in acquisition, editing and delivery of the advanced workflows required for Media and Entertainment. A Technologist in defense and manufacturing, as well as an established Producer, Director and Cinematographer, Gary offers developmental insights into all aspects of our continually changing Pre-production, Post and Production marketplace while focusing on advancing cinema product development.
Randy Wedick

Senior Technical Consultant at Band Pro Film & Digital, Randy Wedick has been on the forefront of digital imaging for over a decade, with experience not only filming with, but also assisting in the design of the some of the most cutting-edge cameras, lenses and film making tools in the industry; as well as providing workflow solutions and support to films and productions at every budget level. Having deep connections inside high end camera and lighting crews, rental house teams, engineers on the manufacturing side, and some of the best post production minds in the business, he is able to provide unique, deep and multifaceted insight to the ever evolving landscape and job requirements of the camera department and the technology they use.
For over 30 years Band Pro has provided the best new products and solutions for professional cinematographers around the world. With offices in Burbank, Munich, and Tel Aviv, Band Pro offers the highest level of knowledge and expertise along with the finest equipment and accessories available. Our close relationships, both in Hollywood and worldwide, combined with long-standing camera and lens maker partnerships, have kept us at the forefront of digital cinematography innovation.
Visit Band Pro at Cine Gear LA: NY Streets, Booth #70.

Written by Jake Fruia

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