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Band Pro's Annual Spring Fundraiser For Sunshine Kids March 10th

Band Pro Film & Digital is holding their annual spring fundraiser for the Sunshine Kids charity next Thursday, March 10th. Every dollar from clearance items sold will go toward the non-profit organization dedicated to children with cancer.
The fundraiser will last all business day, with every dollar from Band Pro’s clearance items being donated to Sunshine Kids. Band Pro will even have an In-N-Out food truck there to feed hungry customers. Sunshine Kids representatives will also be there to answer any questions about their charity.
The Sunshine Kids Foundation was established in 1982 by Rhoda Tomasco after volunteering in a pediatric cancer unit of a Houston, Texas hospital. The foundation seeks to help combat the loneliness and depression that runs rampant during the children’s long hospital stays by providing enjoyable group activities to “self-esteem, personal accomplishment and just plain old fashioned fun,” all completely free of charge to the children’s families and the hospital.

So be sure to head over to Band Pro at 3403 W. Pacific Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505 on Thursday March 10th from 9:00am to 5:00pm to help out this amazing organization continue their valuable work.
For more information on the fundraiser, be sure to head over to
Be sure to also visit for more on their amazing work.

Written by Jake Fruia

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