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BandPro Open House: Fill-Lite's Powerhouse LED Lights

Winner of an TVB Europe “Best of IBC 2013″, Fill-Lite makes an “ambient soft light” that floods an area with powerful, diffused LED light.
HDSLR Shooter’s Clint Milby was able to interview Fill-Lite’s Mike Mathews who was able to fill us in on the unique lighting solution. As Mathews explains, Fill-Lite produces 3 distinct models:

Fill-Lite 200
Fill-Lite 200

1. The Fill-Lite 200 , 24×24 inch square
2. The Fill-Lite Studio, a 51×59 inch that’s packs four times the punch of the first model, and
3. The Fill-Lite Wall, a modular unit that lets you take as many Fill-Lites you need and configure them to your heart’s content
Fill-Lite Studio
Fill-Lite Studio

The units are controllable by wi-fi through an iOS app, as well as on board on their yokes for the first 2 models, and a control module for the Fill-Lite wall. Power wise, the lights can run off 28 volt batteries for about 8 hours.
Fill-Lite Wall
Fill-Lite Wall

Fill-Lites are a relatively new product, but have already garnered a lot of attention, and even an award. This probably has a lot to do with their versatility and thin, light weight design. As Mathews mentions, they’re already getting feedback from numerous customers, including the Sundance Institute.
Be sure to check out the video above, and for more information please check out their site at
You can also find out more about these products at

Written by Jake Fruia

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