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Black Mirror-style Launch Film For the Kinefinity Mavo LF Uses Search In Post

Black Mirror-style Launch Film For the Kinefinity Mavo LF Uses Search In Post

BROOKLYN, NY – Re/Connections is the first narrative short to be created with Kinefinity’s flagship camera, the Mavo LF. Featuring a 36x24mm sensor and shipping for $11,999 (body-only), the Mavo LF is the most affordable full-frame cinema camera on the market. A pre-release version of the film screened at Kinefinity’s booth at NAB and CineGear.

Director Raafi Rivero first came to Kinefinity’s notice after his YouTube review of the Terra4k made a splash online. Rivero was tasked with showing the camera’s capabilities with a variety of lighting conditions and skin tones. But tech specs were only part of the decision. Jihua Zheng, CEO of Kinefinity, says “we wanted a film that shows the Mavo LF as a storytelling tool, not just another camera test.”

The Mavo LF features 6k resolution, 14 stops of dynamic range, and a dual-native ISO of 800/5120. All of the nighttime exteriors in the film were shot at the high ISO without any noise reduction applied. Says Zheng, “low-light capability is important to smaller productions, who might not always have big lighting equipment available.”

Brooklyn-based production company The Color Machine, jumped at the opportunity to use a large format for a narrative project. Said Rivero, “our clients expect the images to look good, but they don’t always know the difference between sensor formats. It’s nice to have a camera with an extra gear that really wows people.”

Using the latest tools extended to postproduction as well where editors used a beta version of Pro Sound Effects’ recently-announced application Search:

Said Rivero, “Science Fiction is all about pushing boundaries. We tried to extend that ethos to every aspect of the film, from how we shot it to how we built the soundtrack.” Pro Sound Effects database software Search is optimized for quickly browsing through a library to audition and spot sounds onto the timeline. The interface emphasizes legibility and selection, a departure from the cluttered front ends of competing software. “SciFi is one of the most demanding genres for sound. The Pro Sound Effects libraries allowed me to express tones and moods that we couldn’t have created with our production audio alone. Search made that process easier.”

The film was shot using Kinefinity’s new Mavo Prime lenses which cover full-frame and have open to f/2. Aputure supplied some of the lighting for the shoot. On the film’s twist-filled plot Rivero said, “we worked really hard on this. Hopefully people think it’s crazy good and not just crazy.”

Kinefinity CEO Jihua Zheng – “The Mavo LF is a special camera for Kinefinity because it gives filmmakers endless flexibility in format while providing high quality images.”

Director Raafi Rivero – “I wanted to put the camera in as many challenging situations as possible – scenes with low light, saturated sources, and high dynamic range.”

Pro Sound Effects CEO Douglas Price – “For years, Pro Sound Effects has led with the highest quality libraries, and now we will deliver an entirely new experience of library workflow through software. Search was designed to help creatives deliver ideas faster and more imaginatively than ever before.”

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