Blackmagic Design Mini Converter UpDownCross Price Cut To $295

Blackmagic Design recently announced the price cut for its Mini Converter UpDownCross, which supports 3G-SDI and allows for up and down conversion to SD and HD video respectively.

From Blackmagic Design:

Mini Converter UpDownCross supports 3G-SDI and gives customers affordable up and down conversions between SD and HD video, as well as cross conversions between different HD formats. That means customers can turn SD into HD, HD into SD, or cross convert between 720 and 1080 HD formats that have the same frame rate.
MiniConverterUpDownCrossBoxMini Converter UpDownCross also features a 4 field standards converter that makes it perfect for converting between NTSC and PAL frame rates, as well as for connecting to broadcast equipment, even at different frame rates. Customers always get perfectly synchronized audio and video because Mini Converter UpDownCross automatically adjusts the audio to match the video processing time.
With a built in frame re-synchronizer, low SDI jitter, multi-tap filtering and connections for black burst/tri-sync input, Mini Converter UpDownCross gives customers clean, correctly timed signals. It can even be used in bypass mode as a low cost SDI distribution amplifier. When all processing is bypassed, customers get 6 clean, re-clocked SDI outputs that can be connected to any other SDI device.
“Mini Converter UpDownCross is one of our original 3G-SDI Mini Converters and has been incredibly popular for many years,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “Now, because of expanded in-house manufacturing capabilities and improved efficiencies, we’re able to offer Mini Converter UpDownCross at a more affordable price than ever!”

Blackmagic’s Mini Converter UpDownCross is available for now for just $295 from Blackmagic Design resellers around the world.
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Written by Jake Fruia

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