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Blackmagic Production Camera 4K: In Camera SSD Formatting Is Here

Just like last week, with their audio levels/histogram firmware update to the Cinema and Pocket Cinema Cameras, Blackmagic has brought yet another highly requested feature to the Production Camera 4K: in-camera formatting of SSDs.
Similar to the other update, this is just the beginning. Update 1.9.5 will add in-camera SSD formatting, but the feature will also be adapted to the other Blackmagic Design cameras as well. There is no definite time set as to when we can expect the feature on the other cameras.
This makes three features (visible sudio levels, histogram and in-camera SSD formatting) that have been highly requested that Blackmagic is now adding to each camera.
Though it’s for the previous update, we have a video showing the ease of updating your camera:

For more information and to download, be sure to visit

Written by Jake Fruia

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