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Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Used on Pseudo Echo's "ULTRAVIOLET" Music Video

In a very cool and fun show of power for the Blackmagic Production Camera 4k, Blackmagic announced that production house Final Focus used the camera to shoot Australian new wave band Pseudo Echo’s music video for the title track of their latest album, “Ultraviolet”.

Co-owners of Final Focus Stuart Stanton (Director) and Adam Haywood (Director of Photography) needed a camera that would produce quality images and was well suited for green screen capture. They collaborated heavily with Pseudo Echo lead singer Brian Canham, who wanted a video that evoked his love of “retro and futuristic films and art” as a way to “explore the idea of people’s energy existing beyond death in an ultraviolet realm”. Haywood praised the BMPC4K image quality, explaining that “We needed a 4K camera due to the fact that the music video was shot entirely on green screen. This not only helped in regards to the quality of the key, but also gave us the ability to punch in for a closer shot without quality loss since the delivery was HD.”
The ability to shoot in 4K ProRes also gave Haywood and his team broader lattitude during post, some of which was done using DaVinci Resolve. “Shooting in 4K is probably the best thing in regards to reframing or cropping shots for more options without having to compromise image quality,” he explains. “The other element is the strength of the ProRes codec, which saves time in the edit suite and which other cameras don’t record in camera”.
bmpc4k ultraviolet 2
Pseudo Echo Lead singer Brian Canham was especially happy with the result, praising Final Focus’ work with the camera to achieve the band’s vision of their music video. “We wanted a look to match the artwork on our latest album, and we wanted a very modern futuristic look,” says Canham. “The video turned out fantastic. We love the high end look Final Focus achieved using all green screen.”
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Written by Jake Fruia

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