Brazilian Production Powerhouse O2 Filmes Uses DaVinci Resolve For 360 Virtual Reality Video

The (largest) Brazilian production company continues its relationship with Blackmagic Design, using the newly minted NLE to color grade Latin Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Ivete Sangalo’s new 360 degree virtual reality music video “O Farol”.

O2 Filmes used DaVinci Resolve for more than just color grading however, as they used four different cameras to shoot the music video in 360 degrees. However, as O2’s post production general manager Paulo Barcellos explains, DaVinci Resolve helped them finish the project in a swift two week turnaround:
“To achieve 360 degrees of video, we shot with four cameras. This translated into a colossal amount of material, making the post process incredibly slow. Fortunately, we could use DaVinci Resolve Studio’s network rendering feature to divide the footage up onto multiple machines. Without this capability, each frame would have taken about five minutes to render. Resolve sped the process up tre-mendously and enabled us to meet our tight two week deadline.”
Another hurdle made easy was matching footage from each of the four cameras. Barcellos and his team were able to quickly and easily do so using DaVinci’s Color Match feature, allowing them to automatically color balance each image to match one another.

Ivete Sangalo
Brazillian Pop Star Ivete Sangalo

The veteran Brazilian production company has forged a strong relationship with Blackmagic and their products, having previously used the Pocket Cinema Camera on the South American TV series “Lili, a Ex”, as well as using the URSA and DaVinci Resolve 12 for commercial spots for McDonalds. They even have over “70 Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio seats used for color grading and editing”. Barcellos attributes this to versatility of their products, specifically DaVinci Resolve:
“The good thing about DaVinci Resolve Studio is that you can throw anything at it and it will work. Not a single project goes out of O2 Filmes that hasn’t been worked on in Resolve. It doesn’t matter if it’s a free job or million dollar production. The color tracker is just amazing, as are the chroma keys, both of which came in handy for this music video.”
The video for “O Farol” is being re-cut for television and other “flat” mediums that don’t support 360 degree video. You can however see it in all its 360 glory at Facebook, where Ivete Sangalo initially launched the video:
You can find more in depth info on how O2 Filmes shot the 360 degree “O Farol” music video in the press release below. Be sure to also visit for more information on the powerhouse production company that is O2 Filmes.
As always, be sure to also visit for more on all things DaVinci Resolve and Blackmagic.

Written by Jake Fruia

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