Bright Tangerine Axl Universal EVF Mount

Bright Tangerine has released their new universal EVF mount – Axl. If you’re familiar with Bright Tangerine equipment, you’ll discover once again with Axl, they seem to have thought of everything you could want, and more. Axl is engineered for experienced filmmakers who know the value of every second. There’s a few clever features built-in too, which make Axl a real time-saving device for the professionals out there.

What makes Axl so quick to use is the Multi-Axis lock. Operated with a single knurled handle, you can quickly position and tighten your EVF in three different axis’ all at once. This makes adjustment of your EVF or monitor extremely quick. And it eliminates any fiddling or fumbling with multiple knobs and screws that you find with many standard mounts.

To fine-tune the tilt of your EVF or monitor, you have the single Bright Tangerine colored thumb screw on top. Which is also going to be easy to find, thanks to clever little hard stops that prevent it from moving underneath the main support arm.

The Support arm itself also features what they call a ‘drop-free, fluid movement’. Basically, it remains under tension to keep your precious EVF safe from dings. Even when it’s totally loosened, your EVF won’t flop or drop down suddenly.

Two other notable features are the laser-etched measurements; helping you keep track of your favourite positions; plus the whole Axl and EVF can be removed from the carriage without having to touch any other parts of your camera build. Another time saver. This means with additional carriages, you can keep Axl and your EVF as one unit – then swap them in and out between multiple setups. This makes it very quick and easy to remove and re-install, say for instance, when you need to swap to a gimbal or drone shot where your EVF isn’t needed.

Overall, the design and build-quality of Axl is right up there with their other gear. Featuring Bright Tangerine’s famous ruggedness, quality and finish. They’re a proud bunch of British engineers and inventors who will always stand behind everything they make. If you’re familiar with Bright Tangerine, you’ll know they never cut corners, and their support is second to none.

Bright Tangerine design, engineer and manufacture everything from their single factory in Church Crookham. Their workshop motto being: “Design with a conscience. Make it last forever. And still make it home in time for tea.”

They believe their purpose in the industry is to engineer out anything that could steal time from your creative process. Making better gear, so you can get on with the business of making better films. “Be More Than Brilliant” is their official sign off. And it looks like they really mean it.

Right now, Axl kits are available for the following list of EVF’s and industry-standard fittings: ARRI, ARRI Rosette, Canon EVF-V70, Canon LM-V2, Sony DVF-EL200 and Zacuto – whilst new adapters will continue to be made as new EVF models come to the market. Rest assured that Axl will be future-proofed for your favorite setups.

For more information on the Axl Universal EVF Mount or any of the great products from Bright Tangerine, go to their website,

Written by Clint Milby

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