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Caged In: Redrock Micro's ultraCage for the C300


New Gear Fits New Camera Like A Glove


At the 11th Annual San Francisco SuperMeet, I was able to actually lay hands on the Canon EOS C300 which was a thrill considering it’s all anyone has talked about since November.

The question that’s been on my mind since the release of the C300, is what will it take to support this camera. As you may have seen, the C300 comes with a top handle, but after that it’s only equipped with a 1/4-20 mount. The rest is up to the shooter.

At first glance, you can see that because of the C300’s unusual shape, many support rigs used currently with DSLRs could be an odd fit.


Enter Redrock Micro. Redrock was actually approached by Canon to create a rig which would be used in the making of the nine test films produced for the C300’s release. Redrock has developed a cage system that is actually molded to fit the C300 in such as way, it’s hard to believe it is separate from the camera.

All ports and jacks are accessible and ample support for any add-ons such as a light, monitor or additional power. If you’re planning on getting a C300, and you’re looking for support gear, then you’d be well advised to consider the ultraCage blue.

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