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Canon EOS C300 Cinema Cameras First To Shoot Entire Film At 35,000 Feet


In a new short film, “Departure Date”, Director of Photography Doug Chamberlain and Virgin Airlines recently made history by shooting the first film at 35,000 feet.  The Canon EOS C300 was used for the 24 minute short film that took 9 days to shoot.

Chamberlain says that although “Indy and micro-budget filmmakers were loving the 5D….at it’s heart, the 5D is first and foremost a still camera”.  He suggests that the C300 is superior in that it’s compact like the 5D, it has important features that the independent filmmaker needs.


-proper audio imports
-improved image quality and dynamic range
-real HD-SDI out
-the ability to zoom in and check focus while shooting
-waveform monitor

Shooting on a moving airplane does have it’s challenges.  Chamberlain says that Airport security rules prevented Chamberlain from bringing many tools he needed including scissors and screwdrivers.  He says that lighting was never really an issue with the camera, shooting mostly at an ISO of 850 and keeping his aperture at f/2.8 or f/4.  “The C300 gave me plenty of low-light sensitivity to work with”.

“Departure Date” premiered on June 17th at the L.A. Film Festival and will be shown on all Virgin America, Atlantic, and Australia Flights, as well as online and at select film festivals.