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CaptainHook’s “Blackmagic Production Camera 4K – Beta Footage”

CaptainHook’s “Blackmagic Production Camera 4K – Beta Footage”

Noted shooter CaptainHook recently released a bit of beta footage from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 4K. He took the camera out to see, as he puts it in the video’s description, “How it did ‘out in the wild'”.

The good Captain used the BMCC 4K during a music video shoot, during which the director and DP co-opted the 4K and used it as their A cam. CaptainHook goes on to talk about not only the camera’s image quality and performance, but even how well it plays with other pieces of equipment, such as monitors. He even touches a bit on color grading, something that’s been a bit of a hot topic for Blackmagic right now since CEO Grant Petty released the test footage of the BMCC 4K For everyone to color grade.


So be sure to watch the video for a taste of what the BMCC 4K is capable of, though as CaptainHook mentions, “You need to play with files from this camera yourself”. The compression to upload the video to Vimeo takes out some of the 4K magic, though you can still tell the image is stellar.

Be sure to also check out CaptainHook’s amazing work on his shared vimeo page with partner Danelle Bourgeois, A Couple Of Night Owls, as well as his own site at