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Carl Zeiss Cinemizer With The DJI Phantom

Just a little while back, we visited the DJI offices to learn a bit about their line of drones and quad-copters such as the Phantom. In doing so we also learned quite a bit about the accessories that work great with their products, such as Zeiss’ awesome Cinemizer glasses. DJI’s Dylan Deeds was our pilot and guide, and he explained how to get the Phantom and Cinemizer to work together.

Using the DJI Lightbridge, Dylan connected the Cinemizer glasses to the Phantom through an HDMI Out connection. He points out that you can also use USB, however the Lightbridge will always try to take the clearer signal first, going with the HDMI if it can. There’s also a Slave/Master mode on the Lightbridge that allows you to sort of daisy chain multiple recievers that are all beholden to the settings of one Lightbridge.
The Cinemizer glasses essentially act as a monitor, giving you “full fpv” with “very minimal latency” of your drone’s camera. The signal is strong, as Dylan flew the Phantom out rather far (among some power lines no less) with what he described as “very minimal latency”. The glasses do take some getting used to, but Dylan says that they’re perfect for long distance shooting, as it’s of the utmost importance to be able to see your surroundings.
The Cinemizer FPV glasses are available now for about $790 from a variety of re-sellers, such as Adorama, B&H, Esprit, and many more.
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Written by Jake Fruia

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