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Adobe Changes the Game: After Effects Featuring Cinema4D, Collaboration in the Cloud & User Inspired Upgrades All Around

Last week we visited the Adobe offices in San Jose, California for a preview of what Adobe has in store for its next round of updates to the Adobe Suite.


“Adobe gives me a toolset that I can use every day to design and execute VFX, prepare second unit and VFX deliverables for Martin Scorsese’s cutting room, and previs composites on set, at the highest level of quality. New and enhanced features in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects let me do more hands-on creative experimenting that leads to a better end result.” — Rob Legato, two-time Oscar winner
Among all this is also a look at Adobe’s very recent partnership with Maxon, a partnership that helps the Adobe Suite officially fill in a hole in their workflow, 3D animation.
There are quite a few updates coming across the board to all of Adobe’s products. However, we’ll be focusing on the aspects related to video production, including changes to:

As you can see, there’s a new Adobe product joining the family: Adobe Anywhere. Keeping in line with Adobe’s cloud based user experience, the Creative Cloud, Anywhere takes it a step further and allows for a project created in Anywhere to be hosted and edited on the cloud by any users authorized to do so. More on that later.

Prelude, the manager

“Satisfy your need for speed”

  • “Hover Scrubbing”, allowing for a simple cursor drag over a clip to preview footage
  • The creation of a meta data template, forcing the entry of meta data upon loading footage
  • Mass renaming of files upon ingest
  • Analyze audio content to create meta data
  • Convert scripts into meta data in conjunction with Adobe Story


Premiere, the craftsman

“Amazing from any angle”

  • Increased editing finesse, with more intuitive controls and hot key functionality
  • Inclusion of Speedgrade’s Lumetri Deep Color Engine
  • Enhanced audio
  • Massive improvements to closed captioning
  • Hot key copying of effects into multiple places
  • New ‘FX” badge attached to clips, allowing a quick look at the fx applied


After Effects, the magician

“Wow factor, way faster”

With Adobe’s partnership with Maxon, a massive addition has been made to After Effects in the form of Cinema 4D lite. This allows the creation of full 3D rendered objects that can be easily place into any production.

  • New live 3D pipeline with Maxon’s Cinema 4D
  • Addition of the very robust Cinema 4D Lite app within After Effects
  • Opening of Cinema 4D files natively
  • The revolutionary Warp Stabilizer tool can now be applied to VFX
  • Refined Edge tool that pulls amazing detail when rotoscoping


Speedgrade, the painter

“Find your true colors”

  • Renewed UI
  • Enhanced Lumetri Deep Color Engine
  • 1 click mass color grading
  • Can save production looks for later use and use in Premiere
  • Project source matching matches width, height, frame rate, etc. and other export settings
  • Can now render in Pro Res


Audition, the composer

“Edit at the speed of sound”

  • Sound remover and preview editor
  • Enhanced multi-track editing
  • Brand new effects
  • New core coding features help organize your timeline
  • New loudness radar
  • Speech enhancement


Story, the wordsmith

“Tell your story”

  • Collaborative and independent script writing
  • Web hosted
  • Can tag script for quick reference to actors, props, and more
  • Generate set schedule
  • Enhanced security measures
  • Auto formatting for dialogue, scene markers, etc.
  • Selective data synching


Anywhere, the team player

The new Adobe Anywhere is “…a modern, collaborative workflow platform…” that will allow entire teams to work together toward a common vision. Taking full advantage of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Anywhere stores all project files on the cloud, and works on even the busiest of internet connections.

  • Adobe Mercury Streaming Engine allows for near instant streaming of all files
  • Anywhere Collaboration Hub allows multiple users to work on the same file with different applications
  • Access and management of centralized media files at full quality
  • Scalable to internet connection, no matter if tethered or wi-fi

As Adobe’s Creative Suite continues to grow, I continue to be amazed at their receptiveness to customer criticisms and desires. A big part of what we heard at this meeting was dedication to us, the consumer, and making sure that they are doing the best they possibly can to put out a product that we want to use.
It’s this dedication to collaborating with their customers that has help make Adobe what they are today, and it still seems like this is just the beginning. To think of what s yet to come leaves me both hopeful and excited.
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