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'Checkmate' Director Timothy Woodward Jr. On His Film & Shooting With All Blackmagic Cameras

While we’ve spoken about Timothy Woodward Jr. and his film ‘Checkmate’ before, we were actually able to attend a screening of it at the Chinese Theater. Afterwards we were able to speak with Director Timothy Woodward Jr. and how he liked using the Blackmagic Production Camera 4k and Pocket Camera on this film.

While Woodward directed the film, he also worked very closely with Director of Photography Johnathan Mariande and Camera Producer John Kearns Jr. to actually shoot the film, actually running camera several times himself. So Woodward has a fantastic working knowledge of these two cameras. It’s definitely a testament to these three’s work that the film looked as great as it did. The scenes were well shot, the color correction superb, and the camera work spot on. Woodward gives much praise to the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K and Pocket Cinema Camera, and looks to use them even more in the future.
That future seems to be particularly bright. As many may have seen, Woodward/Status Media & Entertainment recently signed a contract with Cinedigm for four “high-concept action films” with budgets of $300,000 to $2,000,000 each. Despite such big budgets being at his disposal, Woodward shows no hesitation in his choice of camera. “I would love to use Blackmagic [cameras] on all of them”, he states firmly. “We shoot in video log”, he explains. “And yes, it’s that good.”

As Clint Milby puts it in the interview, some filmmakers bust their butts to produce six commercials a year, while Woodward and Status Media & Entertainment produce about six films a year. How do they do it? “Don’t sleep, be a zombie” Woodward jokes. “You just got to grind”, he continues seriously. He makes an excellent point however, in that what is the difference between produsing six films or twelve episodes of show or web series? It’s all content at the end of the day, so despite the idea of a film sounding like a huge undertaking, Woodward and company produce content “simply” by working hard each day.
Woodward and Status Media & Entertainment have quite the year ahead, with several films to be released in January and February, and the beginning of production on another in January. For more information on all their awesome endeavors, visit

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