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Cine Gear 2013: Prime Circle: EF/FZ XE – EF Converter for Sony

If you follow HDSLRShooter, you’ll remember that within our coverage of this year’s NAB we covered Italian manufacturer Lock Circle, who demonstrated their EF mount remote control lenses called Prime Circle as well as their other products.


One new product they mentioned but hadn’t fully developed was the Prime Circle EF adapter for Sony cameras. Cine Gear 2013 saw the new EF/FZ Intelligent Mount for Sony FZ come to fruition.

The EF/FZ XE Intelligent Mount for Sony FZ is a high-end Intelligent mount adapter for Sony FZ Cameras allowing you to use your Prime Circle or any EF mount lens, while taking advantage of all the electronic controls of that lens from either inside the camera or via the Prime Circle XE Controller. This allows you to control not only the focus of the lens but also the aperture.

If you were impressed by the Prime Circle lenses, but you needed a Sony mount and not an EF mount, you’re prayers have now been answered. Beautifully designed and manufactured, the Prime Circle EF/FZXE Intelligent Mount is your key to unlocking a truly intelligent remote lens system.

For more information go to the LockCircle website at and to buy in the US, go to the Manios Digital website at or call them at 818-760-8290.