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Cinegear 2012 – Rotolight Anova


New LED Uses App For DMX Control

I had the privalige of visiting with Rod Gammons, owner and CEO of Rotolight at Cinegear 2012. Gammons was good enough to give us a full demonstration of the Rotolight Anova system.


The Rotolight Anova is a bi-color led floodlight with a 110 degree beam angle. It delivers 1000watt equivalent output and uses 93% less energy than a standard Tungsten bulb. Like all LEDs the ANOVA Rotolight has virtually no heat. It can be powered with either AC power or a Sony V Mount battery.


The Rotolight Anova has full DMX control and inbuilt WiFi as standard, providing wireless remote control of brightness and color temperature via iPhone or iPad with the Rotolight Magic Eye App. 


This App allows users to sample the color temperature and transmit that information via the net enabling synchronization of color on location and in the studio. The app also has a fader that allow users to control multiple lights simultaneously.

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