Cinegear 2012 – The Rotolight RL48-B 'Stealth Edition'

The Rotolight RL48-B ‘Stealth Edition’ is a compact, ultra-lightweight LED ring light that simply slips over your shotgun mic (or hot shoe, using the Rotolight Stand) and delivers warm natural light for HD cinematography and photography when you need it, so you’ll never miss that perfect shot.
Rotolight can be accurately dimmed (using Neutral Density filters) over a range of 1.5 aperture stops. The 48 Ultrabright LED’s gives that great ‘ring-light’ effect but without ‘Red-Eye’ or shadows, and provides a beam spread of 140 degrees. The RL48-B ‘Stealth Edition’ has a matte black rubberized outer coating which minimizes reflectivity and acoustic resonance, and makes the ring weather resistant.
The RL48-B also includes a Filter-Holder, custom Lighting Gel Kit (made by Lee Filters), and filter guide, all held in a compartment on the back of the light itself.
The RL48-B itself runs for about $119, and also comes included in a number of kits from Rotolight, and can be found at most major camera and light retailers, as well as

Written by Jake Fruia

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