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CINE GEAR 2013: Libec Swift Jib 50

As some of you know, HDSLRShooter relocated its offices to Los Angeles the same weekend as Cinegear 2013.  Despite being entrenched in the tribulations of the move, we were able to make our way from our new office in Burbank to Paramount Studios for Cinegear on Saturday.  Although we weren’t able to make a full day of it, we were able to visit with a few manufacturers who had some brand new products we found very interesting.  The first of these was Libec’s SWIFT Jib50.


The SWIFT Jib50 is equipped with a telescopic arm which extends to 35.5 inches.  The jib has a maximum height of 9 feet.  The SWIFT Jib50 carries a payload of 44lbs at the minimum length and a maximum payload of 22lbs at it maximum length.  When used in conjunction with the REMO30 remote head, your camera can achieve a maximum lens height of 12.5feet.  The ZFC-5HD Remote Control lets you take advantage of the remote capabilities for your Canon, Panasonic or Sony via LANC.
The SWIFT Jib50, the REMO30 Remote head, Counter Balance Weights and cases for each retail for $7000.00 and are available either separately or together from a variety of dealers both in the US and internationally.  For more information about the SWIFT Jib50 and all of the products from Libec, go to their website at

Written by Clint Milby

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