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Cinegear 2014: Is The Canon VIXIA mini X Useful To Pro Shooters?

As Canon’s Paul McAniff notes, their new VIXIA mini X camera isn’t something they’d normally show at a professional show like Cinegear. However due to the popularity of “POV type of cameras” they decided to show the more consumer oriented camera.

The VIXIA mini X is actually an upgraded version of the VIXIA mini, with a bevvy of new features. These include a microphone input, a headphone output, surround sound audio capture, timelapse recording, and more. The VIXIA mini records to regular size SD cards, with MP4 and AVC-HD file formats that have adjustable bit rates and framerates. While mostly a “set it and forget it” camera, McAniff notes that you can shoot in a more manual mode with a variety of adjustable audio and image controls. It’s also perfect for mounting on the multitude of helicopter and drone rigs available today, one of which Canon had on display with the VIXIA mini X.
The VIXIA mini X costs about $399 and is available now. You can find out more information at

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