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Cinegear 2014: Sony A7S Update

The latest addition to Sony’s A7 series of cameras, the Sony A7S has made headlines since its announcement at NAB even though it has yet to be released. While this is mostly due to its capacity to shoot 4K footage, the A7S has numerous other features that make it a great camera to consider. So we stopped to speak with Sony’s Mark Weir at last week’s Cinegear Expo to find out more about the new camera.

As Weir explains, the A7S was “purpose built to have spectacular low light performance, very high sensitivity and tremendous dynamic range from shadow to highlight”. This is all due to the A7S’ full frame, 12 megapixel sensor. Stills and video can be shot in up to a whopping 409,000 ISO, with the a dynamic range of 15.3 stops. The A7S records full, 60p HD internally to numerous codecs and 1280×720 at 120 fps.

It’s the 4K capability that has had people the most excited however. As Weir notes “It’s only one of two cameras available that can shoot 4K on a full frame image sensor, and the only one in the world that can use the entire width of the sensor when capturing 4K.” However to actually be able to record 4K, you’ll need a 4K enabled external recorder, such as the Atomos Shogun recorder featured below.
The reason behind needing the external recorder is that to include the feature internally, the A7S would have to have a much larger body due to power and heat issues. Sony opted to instead keep the smaller form factor so that the A7S could produce fantastic full HD images and video, and 4K with the simple addition of an external recorder like the Atomos Shogun.
The Sony A7S will be $2,499 and be available in the first week of July.
You can find out more about the upcoming A7S in our interview with Mark Weir above, as well as by visiting
To find out more about the Atomos Shogun, go to


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