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CineGear 2015: BeeWorks' Flawless Hand Held Camera Stabilizer, The BeeWorks 5

One of the joys of today’s age is seeing entire product lines birthed from Kickstarter. One such product line was on display from BeeWorks, the BeeWorks5, is a handheld camera stabilizer and remote that makes it a dream to get stable and cinematic handheld shots with a number of small form cameras.

BeeWorks 5
The BeeWorks 5 is a video camera stabilization and control system that allows you to get dynamic and steady shots from new perspectives. It will enable cinematic shots whether it is handheld, mounted to vehicles, or controlled remotely.
The BeeWorks 5 case meets the FAA’s definition of a carry-on. Everything you need to get started filming fits in the case, including the stand and Kinetic Remote. It takes less than a minute, and no tools, to unpack and start shooting. Weighing in at under four pounds, it is one of the lightest stabilizers in its class!

Whether you are using it handheld or controlling it on its stand via the Kinetic Remote, the BeeWorks 5 can be used in many useful configurations. The flexible design makes it possible to mount the camera in unique locations, like the hood of a car, on a table or window, or on a lighting stand.
The BeeWorks user experience is carefully designed so that you will never miss a shot. Quick calibration, internal cabling, tool-less balancing, and mode indicators are features born out of the real-world experiences of professional filmmakers.
Kinetic Remote

The Kinetic Remote has a position sensor that captures your position and movements and transmits those to the stabilizer, which then matches your movements. It uses the same handlebar as the stabilizer, so you can switch between a handheld mode and the Kinetic Remote without extra gear.

The Kinetic Remote has a simple interface. Hold down a button when you want the camera to match your moves. When you take your finger off the button, the camera stays in its current position. There is also a sensitivity knob. Twist it to the left, and the camera feels lightweight and responsive. Twist it to the right, and the camera responds more subtly, as if it is a heavier camera — perfect for those epic, slow moving shots.

The BeeWorks 5 is available now for purchase on its own ($2,999), with the Kinetic Remote also available separately ($999) and bundled with the BeeWorks 5 ($4,999).

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