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CINELIVE VariCam LT Goes Live with Ver. 6.0 Firmware Upgrade

CINELIVE VariCam LT Goes Live with Ver. 6.0 Firmware Upgrade

The VariCam LT now supports integration with the AK-HRP1000 remote control panel. This allows remote shading of the camera image, along with separate control of the internally recorded signal.

Output a shaded image while recording either a shaded or V-Log signal internally for later use. Output HD live while recording internally in 4K or HD. The VariCam LT has two SDI outputs for HD broadcast, allowing one for a clean signal to the switcher as well as a second for monitoring camera status and menu navigation. A third output is utilized for viewfinder use at the camera. CineLive is compatible with fiber transport systems from DTS, Multidyne, ERECA, Telecast, and more.

Near Live productions include live shows (theater, concerts, stand-up comedy), fashion shows, and corporate events that are not broadcast live. Multi-cam television sitcoms that are shot live in front of a studio audience, but broadcast later, also fit into this category.


  • Create cinematic depth of field with VariCam’s award-winning Super 35mm sensor
  • Take advantage of the VariCam’s HDR-ready 14+ stops of dynamic range
  • VariCam exceptional image quality and color science
  • Capture low light shots using VariCam’s Dual Native 800/5,000 ISO feature
  • The 5,000 ISO function can compensate stop loss when using optical adaptors for 2/3″ lenses or slower long zooms



With the free Version 6 firmware upgrade, VariCam LT’s exceptional wide dynamic range, low-light performance, and accurate colors can now be seamlessly brought to live and near-live multi camera applications such as episodic TV, concerts, corporate events, and studio installations.

  • Enables a new shading mode,as well as tally and return video management
  • Full control of the cameras will be possible by using Panasonic’s AK-HRP1000 remote control panel
  • New ’live mode’ fan setting reduces fan noise even when not recording in the VariCam LT, making it well-suited for live environments


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