Cinematographer & Editor Bobby Hewitt On The Versatility Of Blackmagic Cameras

Cinematographer and editor Bobby Hewitt transitioned from music to post production, finding a second talent in the entertainment industry. Since then he’s shot projects ranging from music videos for Motley Crue and Darius Rucker to Adidas, Cosmo, Billabong, Pepsi & more. Along the way Hewitt began using Blackmagic Design cameras, something he spoke about on our live stream from Band Pro’s One World Open House.

His first Blackmagic camera was everyone’s first: the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. It’s affordable price, powerful feature set and accomanying DaVinci Resolve software changed the way Hewitt worked from that point on. “It started with the cameras, now I use [DaVinci] Resolve all the time”, he explains. Now, with DaVinci Resolve’s evolution into a full fledged editor, Hewitt has even found himself “staying in Resolve” for the full post production process.
The URSA Mini Pro is Hewitt’s current camera of choice, having shot a Motley Crue concert (footage included above) the first night he got the camera. “I grabbed one lens, one battery and one card, went out there and just shot a bunch of footage. What I love about the [URSA Mini Pro] is it was that easy: I turned it on, did a few settings and I was ready to go. I didn’t have to dig deep into the menus or anything like that. I just held it, I didn’t have a shoulder rig, I just went around and shot backstage stuff and shot the show. It was cool, I loved it, the camera’s great.”
Hewitt talks about all this and more in the interview above, including his upcoming collaboration with Sharon Osborne, the variety of projects he works on and much more.
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This video was shot with *Blackmagic Cameras, Carl Zeiss Lenses and edited live using Blackmagic Design’s ATEM Television Studio Pro HD at the Band Pro One World Open House 2017.
*Cameras used:

Written by Jake Fruia

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