Cinematographer Jodi Savitz On The Panasonic EVA1, The Future Of Queer Cinema & More

Director and cinematographer Jodi Savitz has made a name for herself over the last several years with her groundbreaking documentary and narrative work. A frequent user of the Panasonic EVA1, we stopped to speak with Savitz about her use of the popular camera, some of her amazing projects and much more.

Savitz’s breakout film was her feature documentary “Girl On Girl”, profiling lesbians who felt stigmatized in the LGBTQ community after coming out of the closet. Her work has often taken political and religious themes within the LGBTQ community, such as her recent projects “One Man’s Quest to Ban Conversion Therapy in California” and “Like a Prayer: Can You Be Queer and Religious?”, profiling the roles of LGBTQ people in numerous religious settings.

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One of Savitz’s favorite aspects of filmmaking is the gear she gets to use on set, particularly cameras. Though quick to maintain her camera agnosticism, the Panasonic EVA1 has become a valuable tool in her kit, as she’s used the EVA1 on numerous projects and really put it through the paces. One of her favorite aspects is the ability to take advantage of natural light, with the EVA1’s dual ISO giving her the freedom to light as much or as little as she needs. The EVA1’s performance also allows for a wide variety of skin tones, making it great for Savitz’s work as she works with diverse casts and crews. This particular feature was put to use on her recent spot for NBC’s “The Today Show” in a segment called “Is Makeup Sexist?”. Savitz remarks about how the camera treats all skin tones and really makes them look great.
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