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Thinking of Making a HDSLR Feature? Read 'Make It Big' First!


Clint Milby’s latest magazine article can be in your hands now! Or at least on your computer screen!


‘Make It Big: The ins and outs of producing a feature-length DSLR movie’ brings together the collective knowledge of HDSLR Shooters from all across the industry.

Even for the most inexperienced filmmakers, it’s not too difficult to produce professional-looking footage with a DSLR for a short film. If you don’t believe me, simply go to Vimeo and type “DSLR” in the search box. Literally thousands of shorts will appear, all shot with a DSLR, and many of them are of extremely high quality. Upon closer examination, you’ll see many of the producers are not only amateurs, but some aren’t even out of junior high. They make it look so easy that one may have the impression that anyone can achieve cinematic results with these cameras.

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