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Clint Milby's 'Visual Velocity' Now Available In HDVideo Pro

Clint Milby’s latest article for HD Video Pro is now available online and in new stands everywhere! “Visual Velocity’ is all about cars and the cameras who chase them to film some of the most amazing scenes in the industry.
Whether it’s that fast paced car commercial you’ve seen a hundred times, or the car chase scene in your favorite movie, Clint profiles some of the people who make them happen.
In his article, Clint speaks with the teams at Doggicam, Filmotechnic, and Chase Car Inc. to get the inside track on how they film these fantastic scenes. They go in depth into the massive rigs they build from and inside cars to achieve these feats, and what it’s like trying to grab that perfect shot at 90mph. They even go into which cars are best for their jobs, and which have the best bodies to turn into the motion capture machines on speed that they need. Finally, Clint gets their views on what it’s like making these scenes from scratch, and how it compares to the industry’s constant push into the world of CGI.
You can find all that and more in Clint Milby’s latest article, ‘Visual Velocity’, in the latest edition of HDVideo Pro, as well as at

Written by Jake Fruia

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