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NAB 2011:  DasRekorder Rekords Das 3D

NAB 2011: DasRekorder Rekords Das 3D

At NAB 2011 this past week, we ran across DasRekorder, a German based company who had a cool little device that allows for mobile 3D recording.

An interesting side note about DasRekorder is that, unlike many other 3D recording devices made by large manufacturers, this one was made by a guy in his backyard. The guy in question is none other than DasRekorder’s owner, Thomas Harbers who, in addition to the device shown, can also make 3D recorders made to the customer’s specifications.

During our interview, Thomas explains the functionality of their 3D recorder and what it took to create it.

To find out more on DasRekorder and their recorder, go to