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Designing the Sound of a Transformer

Designing the Sound of a Transformer

SoundWorks Collection Breaks Down The Science Behind The Sound

Producer Michael Coleman’s most recent effort takes us through the rifle ranges, rocket pads, mixing stages and the Foley stages to show the amazing artistry behind the sound design of Michael Bay’s latest.

Michael interviews members of the sound team including Re-recording Mixers Greg Russell and Jeff Haboush, and Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designers Ethan Van der Ryn, and Erik Aadahl.

Recently, we had a chance to sit down with Michael about his latest production and the creation of SoundWorks, and how Kessler’s CineSlider has helped bring his productions to life.

KU: Can you tell me about SoundWorks, and why you decided to produce films specifically about sound?

MC: I had been producing videos pretty heavily through production companies in 2003 and 2004. I just got to a point where I needed to take leap, and I created an original miniseries featuring people that I wanted to talk to and show in this type of way.  It was a passion project that turned into something I never imagined.  Because of the response and the feedback from people all around the world was so large. So I was like “Alright, people want this stuff, I might as well continue.” And then from November 2009 to now, we’ve had close to 23 million hits.

KU: And so how often are you doing a new segment of the series?

MC: I try and release every week or ten days, it really depends on what’s going on.  We follow feature films and blockbusters, and try to choose one that will appeal to a large audience.

KU: It seems like you’re really moved by sound and music. Are you a musician yourself? How does this all tie it together for you?

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