Digital Anarchy Announces Significant Price Reductions for its Transcriptive™ Software for Adobe Premiere Pro Editors

New Transcriptive 2.0 Customers Also Receive a Free Account Until January 2021

San Francisco, CA – Digital Anarchy today announced a significant price drop for Transcriptive, its advanced intelligent transcription software for Adobe® Premiere Pro® editors.
With this announcement, Digital Anarchy is reducing the price of Transcriptive from $299.00 USD to the new price of $149.00 USD, effective immediately. This initiative continues Digital Anarchy’s efforts to make transcription, search and collaboration affordable for all Premiere Pro editors.
The new price for the Transcriptive Premiere Pro panel joins other recent announcements to lower the cost of transcription across the Transcriptive suite of products. Now Adobe Premiere editors can purchase prepaid minutes to lower the cost of transcription to .04/min ($2.40/hr), while giving editors a 99% accurate A.I. engine at extremely competitive prices. Additionally, to enable search across entire Premiere Pro projects, Digital Anarchy’s PowerSearch tool is now included free with Transcriptive 2.0. PowerSearch lets editors search every clip, sequence and marker in a Premiere project, making finding content as easy as a web search.
Customers who purchase Transcriptive 2.0 also receive a free subscription to until January 2021, saving users the typical $20/month fee. enables editors to collaborate with colleagues who may not have Premiere Pro, allowing them to share transcripts and videos with clients, producers or directors that can be viewed and edited in any web browser. provides a very affordable suite of tools that enables Premiere Pro editors to easily, and conveniently transcribe, search and collaborate.

How Transcriptive Works
Transcriptive gives users the option to use two different speech engines to automatically and accurately transcribe video with much less human interaction. It features speaker identification, time code, text editing capabilities and other tools to make it a simple process for video editors and producers to get and edit transcripts. Editors can even use the text to set in/out points and create actual edits in their Premiere timeline.
Digital Anarchy’s free PowerSearch tool for Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful metadata search tool that integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro, enabling editors to quickly scour an entire project for metadata and instantly locate specific clips and sequences based on those keyword searches.
Its integration with Adobe Premiere Pro allows users to stay within one program, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between programs, wasting time and interrupting the creative flow. Additionally, Transcriptive makes it possible to use transcription results as metadata within Premiere Pro, enabling keyword searches for specific words or phrases spoken in a video.
Transcriptive also includes an improved search panel that makes Search even easier and more reliable within Premiere Pro. Once the transcriptions are complete, editors can either use them within Premiere or export them as subtitle or caption files for use in Premiere, other applications or online, for example, on YouTube for SEO/Subtitle purposes. You can also save the metadata with the video clip.
Pricing and Availability
Transcriptive 2.0 is available immediately and is now priced at $149.00 USD. Transcriptive AI and Transcriptive Speechmatics are priced at $0.08/min or $0.04/min if paid in bulk. Prepaid minutes can be purchased in blocks of $150 or $500 from the Transcriptive Premiere Pro panel or
For more information, download a free demo or to purchase Transcriptive 2.0, please visit

Written by Clint Milby

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