DP Carissa Dorson Safely Captures a Unique Late Night Talk Show For “A Little Late with Lilly Singh”

Lilly Singh is a comedian, talk show host, and actress, who rose to fame as a YouTube star in which she chronicled her thoughts and daily activities. In 2019, replacing Last Call with Carson Daly, NBC released A Little Late with Lilly Singh, which recently started its second season. Ditching the traditional television studio, the daily half-hour talk show is produced at a house in Los Angeles following production protocols and safety guidelines relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. The show is shot by Director of Photography Carissa Dorson (It’s a PartyCollegeHumor) with a mix of AU-EVA1, LUMIX GH5S, and GH5 cameras.

In September 2020 – while in quarantine – Dorson shot Singh’s NBC sketch comedy show, Sketchy Times with Lilly Singh, before moving on to shoot A Little Late with Lilly Singh. According to Dorson, the format for season two was similar to Sketchy Times in that it resembled some of Singh’s YouTube content, as well as being set in a house rather than a studio.

House Tour (shot mainly on LUMIX GH5S and Ronin-S gimbal):

“Almost every episode has a monologue, which we call ‘rants’ because it’s just Lilly in a room by herself speaking to a Vlog style camera,” said Dorson. “This is what she does best and it’s really funny. There are other segments that are more behind-the-scenes based in which she’s talking to her writers. There are also a lot of interstitials where she’s just walking around the house and having fun with the crew, who are often featured on the show.”

Not Your Typical Talk Show

According to Dorson, much of the show’s look is based on giving Singh room to shine as a performer. “Where I bring my aesthetic in is for all the sketches that we create,” said Dorson. “If we’re doing a parody, I can lean into that look a bit more. We did a horror sketch the other day where Lilly turns into her uncle, which is her worst fear. It was a werewolf parody so I got to play and bring in a different look that included dolly zooms, dutch angles, and lightning effects.”

Lilly’s Worst Nightmare Comes True

Dorson shoots the entire show with three EVA1 cinema cameras, two LUMIX GH5S mirrorless cameras and one GH5. Two of her EVA1s are the A and B camera and her third C camera is used for wide shots. She uses her GH5S cameras for different purposes, including mounting one on a DJI Ronin-S gimbal, and one exclusively used for Singh’s rants. Dorson takes advantage of the GH5S’ Dual Native ISO technology, as well its auto-focus capability.

Dorson captures Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution at 23.98-fps. With the EVA1s, she captures 10-bit 422 ALL-I files and with her GH5S and GH5 cameras, she captures 10-bit 422 LongGOP. Because of the show’s quick turnaround, she does not record V-Log but instead bakes in her look. “We don’t have any color grading at all so it’s been a learning experience,” revealed Dorson. “I chose Scene File 1, which has more of a Rec.709 look and I dial the blacks down a bit to create more contrast. I also have to dial in unique tints and color temperatures for each camera.”

DP Carissa Dorson on the set with her EVA1 (Photo by Iliana Ipes)

“We did some tests beforehand,” continued Dorson. “I was able to choose picture profiles for the GH5S and EVA1s that matched as best I could. On the GH5S, I’m using the standard picture profile with the saturation and contrast dialed down. There are certain segments where we’re pairing the two cameras together and to my eye they’re matching pretty well. The GH5S really holds up to the EVA1, even though it’s not considered a cinema style camera. It looks really impressive.”

For lenses, Dorson employs Canon CINE-SERVO 17-120mm T2.95-3.9 EF zooms due to their flexibility. “The lenses just save a lot of time because they can be wide and close up for any situation,” she said. “I also like the look, especially when paired with 1/8 Black Pro Mist filters.” For the GH5S and GH5 cameras, Dorson uses LUMIX 12-35mm zoom lenses.

The camera team (Left to right): AC/media manager Iliana Ipes, DP Carissa Dorson, operator Will Sampson, operator Chris Oeurn (Photo by Anthony Nguyen).

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Written by Jake Fruia

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