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DV Expo 2013: Carl Zeiss

HDSLR Shooter attended DV Expo and had an opportunity to visit with Rich Schleuning of Carl Zeiss who gave us an update on the status of the their Compact Zooms, the 70-200mm, the 28-80mm and the last in the compact zoom series which was just announced at IBC 2013, the 15-30mm.

The 70-200 was introduced back at NAB 2012 and has been shipping since earlier this year. Zeiss has already met their back orders, so the 70-200 is available to purchase and receive now. What makes the 70-200 (as well as the other two lenses addressed in the video) unique is that they are the only cine style Zoom that cover a 24/36 chip size. Beyond that, the 70-200 is the only lens on the market able to cover a 43mm diagonal size. Rich Schleuning of Zeiss explained that they believe camera sensor sizes will only continue to get bigger, and they are moving to accommodate this growth in this group of lenses, making them future proof.

Zeiss Compact Zooms
The Carl Zeiss Family of Compact Zoom Lenses

The 28-80 was announced this past NAB 2013, and will be shipping this month in October. The last lens in the series is one we’ve talked about a bit before, the 15-30. The 15-30 will be the final member of this group of lenses, providing a great deal of coverage in just this one series. You can see more about the 15-30mm in our other post here:
As always, Rich has no illusions about Zeiss’ high price tags. However, that doesn’t make them inaccessible to those with a lower budget. As Rich always suggests, rental is key and he’s said in the past that even if you are in the market to buy, you should rent a lens first to try it out before making the investment.
As always, you can find more information about these lenses and all of Zeiss’ great products at

Written by Clint Milby

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