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DV Expo 2013: FreeFly Systems CINESTARHL

After our live demonstration of the MōVI, we headed over to the guys that make the MōVI and it’s air bound counterpart, the CINESTARHL. Essentially, the CINESTARHL is a remote controlled 8 rotor helicopter.

The HL designation stands for “heavy lifter” meaning it can pack the MōVI along with a RED Epic or a Canon C500. Considering the weight and unwieldiness of the payload, the CINESTARHL provides incredibly smooth and awe inspiring shots that, until now, were just not possible. What makes the CINESTARHL unbeatable is it’s partnership with the MōVI which seems to magically transform any shot, no matter how rough or bumpy, into something that resembles the smoothness of a dolly shot.
Here’s more from FreeFly Systems:
The CineStar 8 HL expands on the capabilities of the CineStar 8 to allow for heavier payloads, longer flights and increased reliability. Drawing on the experience gained with the original CineStar, Freefly has created a machine that can safely and reliably carry larger cinema cameras like the RED EPIC, Canon C500, etc. The new heavy lifter features longer booms, bigger motors and larger battery packs. Even with the increased payloads, flight times are increased from the original CineStar 8 due to optimized motor, speed control and propeller combinations. The heavy lifter has undergone extensive in-house testing to ensure that the final product performs to the level professionals expect.
Additional CineStarHL Features:
+ 500mm & 550mm Boom Options
+ F45 Motors
+ Adjustable Vibration Isolation System
+ Optimized for Best Performance with Synapse Flight Controller
+ High Current Distribution Board
+ 12lb / 5.4kg Payload

For more information on the CINESTARHL or the MōVI, go to their website at:

Written by Clint Milby

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