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DV Expo 2013: Visual Buddha USA-Made LED 1X1

On one of our last stops at DV Expo, we were able to check out the LED 1×1 from newcomer Visual Buddha.  This is a bicolor light that goes from daylight to tungsten and comes complete with a pro battery mount in either spot or flood.  They also offer a 2 light kit that comes with stands as well.

Here’s more from Visual Buddha:
The Visual Buddha is a Bicolor light that goes from daylight to tungsten and everywhere in between – and has excellent color fidelity. A CRI of 94 – which means that when we say “daylight” it actually is (that same goes for Tungsten.) This allows you to mix this in with natural window light, and any other cinema lighting you might be using (both daylight and tungsten balanced) without needing to worry about the painful process of trying to correct that color cast which can frankly prove impossible. And that cast will often change as you dial the light up and down which can turn into a nightmare for any gaffer out there.
The light is designed and made in the USA (with USA/overseas components) and you can expect top-notch support as a result. You can add a variety of light modifiers to it including barn doors of course and it has a nice latch in the front so that you can insert two different levels of diffusion and/or gels – and they won’t fall out when you walk around with the light.

For more information, go to their website at:

Written by Clint Milby

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