Easy And Free DSLR DIY Bounce Flash

As a fellow DSLR enthusiast, I’m sure that you’ve run into some issues when using the internal flash on your camera.  Often when taking a photo using the internal flash, the subject becomes too bright and the background becomes too dark. 
Instead of carrying around a bulky flash or buying a product to fix this issue, here is an easy fix….and it’s FREE!  All you will need is a DSLR with a “hinged” internal flash (most Canon Rebels and Nikons) a standard white business card, and some scissors!  Basicially, the business card sits in front of the flash and reflects light as well as diffusing it off of your subject!  Within minutes, the luminance of your flash will increase, and you will be taking beautiful photos!  Take a look at the video on the this blog for full instructions!
For full instructions on the great DIY visit

Written by Brett McGinnis

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