Eddie Redmayne's Journey To The Oscars

As many of you now know, last night’s Academy Awards saw Theory of Everything’s actor Eddie Redmayne take the award for Best Actor. We recently saw Redmayne at a screening of his film, where he discussed the long, highly involved road for his role as Stephen Hawking.

While many may argue whether or not he should have won, there’s no doubt that Redmayne’s commitment to the role of Stephen Hawking is astonishing. It certainly places him in the realm of Christian Bale and Jake Gyllenhall levels of dedication, though I don’t believe either of them have actually curved their own spines for a role before.
Even after all his own hard work, Redmayne remains surprisingly humble, thanking all those around him including crew members, fellow cast members and (of course) Stephen Hawking. He even dedicated his Oscar win last night to all those suffering ALS, the disease Hawking possesses, hoping for more awareness to lead to a cure.
You can see how Redmayne transformed himself, both in body and mind, into the great Stephen Hawking in the video above.

Written by Jake Fruia

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