EVA1 Los Angeles: Elle Schneider's "Near To Superstition" & Desert Filmmaking On Panasonic's Cinema Camera

As many know Panasonic recently held special EVA1 “First Look” events in Los Angeles and New York City, premiering the shorts shot on the EVA1. We were able to attend the Los Angeles event, where we were able to interview two of the filmmakers about their projects. In this instance, we spoke with Elle Schneider about her supernatural western “Near to Superstition” and a bit more about her work with the EVA1.

While we recently interviewed Schneider about the project, there were a few items that came up during the night’s Q&A portion that we wanted to learn more about. Absent from our original interview was talk of color grading, as Schneider had only just completed the final edit at the time. She points out that they did very little color grading for outdoor scenes, relying on the EVA1’s built in ND filters to get the look she was after. As she explains, “The whole movie is a little bit warm in its colors… I was basically switching [the ND filters] on and off, deciding ‘Ok, this is what I want, it looks great, I’m totally happy with it’. We did very little grading at all on the outdoor stuff that was shot in broad daylight.”

The Linwood Dunn Theater – EVA1 “First Look” LA Event

Another shot of interest was a pick up shot with just her and two actors in a park, showcasing the benefits of the EVA1’s small body and powerful capabilities. “People always have the questions of ‘Yea but if it’s just me and my buddies and we go out and make something, how is that going to look versus something that has a bunch of lights and a big crew,'” she explains. “I wanted to answer those questions because those are the questions I have when I look at a new camera. So for me, I wanted to put [the EVA1] in more rough and tumble situations.”
(Left To Right) Panasonic EVA1 product Manager Mitch Gross, Filmmaker Johnny Derango and Filmmaker Elle Schneider

You can see “Near To Superstition” below, as well as at a number of other upcoming EVA1 “First Look”events across the country. Make sure you either watch the embed below or directly from Vimeo, as Vimeo will showcase the film in the highest quality.
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Written by Jake Fruia

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