Shooting Johnny Derango's "Radio 88" with the Panasonic EVA1

With Panasonic’s recent reveal of the EVA1 cinema camera came events in Los Angeles and New York, premiering the test shorts shot on the EVA1 by a few different cinematographers and directors. Johnny Derango is one of those very cinematographers, having shot and produced the short “Radio 88”, chronicling a DJ’s attempts to “preserve the legacy of the scrappy radio station her father founded.”

Fresh off his latest feature, “Small Town Crime”, Derango met with Panasonic at South By Soutwest 2017 and saw a feature shot with the VariCam LT and became intersted. Later this year he shot a pilot using the VariCam LT and was approached by Panasonic to shoot a test film for the EVA1, which was only in development at the time. Derango chose a feature script, “Radio 88”, that was re-written as a short (running just about 10 minutes) for use as the test. In our interview, Derango gives his impressions of shooting with EVA1, as well as whether or not he plans on shooting with it again.

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You can see “Radio 88” below, as well as at a number of other upcoming EVA1 “First Look”events across the country. Make sure you either watch the embed below or directly from Vimeo, as Vimeo will showcase the film in the highest quality.
You can learn more about Johnny Derango’s work at
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Written by Jake Fruia

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