ATOMOS Spyder HDSLR Shooter was able to attend the EVS Street Expo which featured lighting demonstrations, tons of give-aways and a number of manufacturers as well. Their first such event, the Street Expo featured some of the best names in the business, such as Canon, Zeiss, Atomos, Blackmagic Design, Matthews Studio Equipment, and many many more.
Better still is that each of these manufacturers also contributed products for the aforementioned give-aways, so we saw a lot of people walking away with a Ninja-2, a Hero 3+, and a Redrock C100 UltraCage. Overall, EVS made great use of their space and between the exhibitor turnout and the extra touches from EVS (studio tours, free food, free entry!) the EVS Street Expo was altogether a great event.

EVS Sound Stage

While at the Street Expo, we were able to catch up with ATOMOS’s own Heather Williams who gave us an update on the ATOMOS Spyder as well as a great introduction the new Ronin, shipping updates on the Samurai Blade and a demonstration of the Ninja.


If you wondered just how well these products work, you’ll want to note that we shot this interview with the ATOMOS Ninja2 and the 5D Mark II.  The workflow is simple, just run your HDMI out to the Ninja and then once you’re ready for post, just connect it to your mac or PC via the firewire port on the Ninja’s dock.  There’s no transcoding, and because the image is coming right off the sensor, it’s beautiful.  Using the Azden UHF wireless receiver plugged directly into the Ninja2 gave us the crisp and clean audio – much better than going directly in to the camera. You can find out more about about Atomos’ Spyder on the Samurai Blade page at

Written by Clint Milby

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