Film Contest Update – 7/20/11

This Week's New Contests
Samsung GALAXY Tab 2011 Viewer Created Ad Message
The world is your stage.
Due 08/16/11 | Cash: $12,500
Horizon ‘Back to School Blues’ Video Contest
Make moms smile with a back-to-school themed video.
Due 09/12/11 | Cash: $7,000
2011 Original iPhone Film Festival
Shoot a short on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
Due 09/30/11 | Prize: Apple iPad + more!
Mystery Brand ‘Be Prepared’ Video Assignment
Make a video illustrating the importance of being prepared.
Due 08/22/11 | Cash: $7,500
TruTV ‘Wanna be on TV?’ Video Challenge
Share your outrageous caught-on-camera moments!
Due 06/01/12 | Cash: $100
Are You the Kikkoman? Video Contest
How do Kikkoman products make your life better?
Due 08/31/11 | Cash: $5,000
Maggie Shayne’s Vampire Video Contest
Celebrate the Series Finale (for now) of Wings in the Night.
Due 09/01/11 | Prize: Kindle or Nook + the entire Wings in the Night collection
ReachOut Reelz Video Contest
Promote positive messages about mental health.
Due 09/16/11 | Cash: $500
Selena Gomez ‘Make Your Jam’ Video Contest
OMG, do you love Selena?!
Due 07/31/11 | Prize: Tickets to a Selena Gomez and the Scene concert
Taj Mahal 2011: Pepsi Video Contest
Bring together the magic of Pepsi and movies.
Due 08/01/11 | Trip: Trip to India + $4000
Real Alberta Video Contest
Show off the real people and places that makes Alberta special.
Due 08/10/11 | Cash: $1,000
Ford Octane Academy Video Contest
Apply to join the Octane Academy.
Due 10/15/11 | Prize: Brand new car from Ford
Let’s Get Physical Video Challenge
Show how you workout to your favorite song.
Due 07/22/11 | Prize: $500 Best Buy Gift Card
Taj Mahal 2011: Hindustan Times Video Contest
Encourage young people to pause, think, and change.
Due 08/01/11 | Trip: Trip to India + $4000
Go Green With Got Scrap Video Contest
Show Us How You Go Green!
Due 07/22/11 | Prize: $500 Best Buy Gift Card
SSDP ‘Legalize It’ Video Contest
Carry on the Peter Tosh legacy with a new generation of activists
Due 08/01/11 | Prize: Commemorative Peter Tosh “Equal Rights” Box Set
‘Life Opens Up’ Video Project
How does a healthy, confident mouth help you engage in your world?
Due 09/15/11 | Cash: $25,000
Twin Sisters ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ Contest
Capture your child making cute animal noises.
Due 07/20/11 | Prize: Your video in a Twin Sisters app
Shpoonkle Video Contest
Capture the Shpoonkle Spirit on video.
Due 08/05/11 | Prize: Apple iPad
The Red Hot Organization Video Contest
Show HIV/AIDS through a contemporary lens.
Due 08/31/11 | Cash: $2,500
‘Inspired by Victory’ Summer Video Contest
What amazing things can you do when you’re inspired by Victory?
Due 08/01/11 | Cash: $500
‘Video Portrait’ Vimeo Weekend Project
Create a video portrait of a talented friend.
Due 07/19/11 | Prize: Free Vimeo Plus account
Sugarland ‘Tonight’ Video Contest
What are YOU are waiting for “Tonight?”
Due 08/08/11 | Trip: Trip to Atlanta for the last stop on Sugarland’s 2011 Tour
Show Us Your Shine Video Contest
What makes you shine?
Due 08/11/11 | Prize: Canon T3i Camera, $2000 + Ray-Bans
Allstate ‘Elevated Insurance’ Video Project
Bring an insurance solution to life.
Due 10/04/11 | Cash: $8,000
Math Concentration’s Math Video Tutorial Contest
Teach a math lesson.
Due 09/10/11 | Cash: $200
Vineyard Gazette Web Video Contest
Help the Vineyard Gazette market to a new generation of readers.
Due 08/12/11 | Cash: $1,000
Kohl’s ‘Your Home’ Cover Contest
Are you engaged? What wedding registry item do you want most?
Due 09/12/11 | Trip: Cancun honeymoon + kitchenwares
‘Big Transformations On A Small Budget’ Project
A can of Benjamin Moore paint can make a big difference!
Due 08/08/11 | Cash: $8,000
The Inside Experience Casting Call Contest
Ready for your closeup?
Due 07/20/11 | Prize: Featured cameo in a movie

Written by Jake Fruia

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